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GLSMostly no on Morse. He can't really play any position and I hate his slo-mo swing when he's on deck.10 hours 20 min ago
SABR MattI'm out on Morse at that price. He's a prime candidate for catastrophic age-out scenarios IMHO. I am not eager to part with Walker, but if we need to part with Walker to get both Gattis and Upton...I think it's a move that works. If we can expent Upton and if we have a plan for filling the rotation.13 hours 38 min ago
misterjonezIf Atlanta wants more for Upton than they got for Heyward, forget it. If what they really mean is 'the same, given the fact that he costs twice as much salary this year, which effectively means *more*' then try to work it out. The thing to remember about Upton is that he will net a high draft pick next year, which can't be discounted entirely. You can break it down to dollars/pick if you want, but that draft slot could very well net a starter down the road. Still, if we're going to break the bank on a blockbuster, go get Tulowitzki to pair up with Cano. Now THERE would be an A-1, historic-level pair of MIF bats.13 hours 49 min ago
Tacoma RainWould Morse even consider playing for the Mariners after his accusations about the M's medical staff?13 hours 51 min ago
moethedogSlipping under the radar without much discussion is Mike Morse. If you could get him for 2X$11M (a number MLBTR suggests as likely), would you do it? Get me Gattis for Ackley and some of the kids, and I would have no problem adding a Morse for that. That's a heck of a better deal than giving up Walker to get one season of Upton.14 hours 5 min ago
moethedogFind a place for Miller's bat then. That'll do.14 hours 48 min ago
SABR MattTaylor = Erick Aybar...the comparison is pretty clear stylistically, minor league numbers wise, major league profile wise, physically...16 hours 42 min ago
moethedogAnd BTW, the more I look at him the more Chris Taylor is growing on me. I think he hit .300 in the womb. I'm beginning to think last year was no fluke, and he has the glove to go with that Hit ability. Young SS's often become better Slg. guys (think Ozzie and Templeton) as they age a bit. I'm not willing to trade him (if avoidable) just yet. Along that line, I would have no problem putting Miller in a COF spot (CF?) if Taylor is a .300-ish guy.17 hours 14 min ago
moethedogFor example: Ackley's "Hot" 2nd half in '14 was .269-.307-.479 (.786). Saunders' "Hot" 1st half was .276-.327-.434 (.761). Throw out (as pure "noise") Miller's 1st half of '14 and you get numbers that looks like this. 2nd half of '13: .269-.317-.424 (.741). 2nd half of '14: .268-.330-.464 (.794). Huh...Interesting. We're likely short a CF after this year (unless it is Jones). Miller in RF this year with a bit of CF time would be interesting, wouldn't it? Ah well...he's likely our SS and I'm fine with that. But I'll hang on to Taylor for a bit if I can.17 hours 15 min ago
moethedogI think the issues with Gattis are more related to time and not whether we have a package or not. I want him now so we can move on with the next move. We have a few MiLB bats that are off the table for me (Kivlehan, Deej, Wilson, ?). Beyond that, I tell Atlanta to take their pick. "Who do you guys want?" I might negotiate a bit, but I'm willing to get the swap done today. Ackley and whom? Jones? He's yours. Etc. Kelly would have gone nicely in this offer, too. Goodness knows I'm high on Pizzano......even I would include him to get Gattis.17 hours 36 min ago
rick82Here's something I missed: Mariners have been named the "Club Retailer of the Year" - no one merchandizes like the M's! hours 29 min ago
Gordon GrossI think it's more lthat DJ has more trade value as the younger player and higher draftpick, since both he and Pat have similar skillsets. So DJ getting traded would not be for positional flexibility so much as purchase power between two dudes who could have very similar peaks if both pan out, at perhaps the same position.18 hours 48 min ago
Gordon GrossAs for DJ vs. Kivlehan, I don't think Patrick is all that more flexible yet. Neither guy plays a stellar 3B, both are aimed at 1B, and while Pat is faster he doesn't have much more OF (22 games career) or 1B experience (39 games) than DJ (20 games at first). If Pat gets a ton of OF experience this coming season while DJ plays strictly 1B/3B, then yes. In a perfect world, DJ = Tino Martinez, Pat = Alex Gordon, & both play for us. I doubt all that happens.18 hours 54 min ago
Gordon GrossAre the Ms working a viable 4-year turnover plan, or are they just being cheap/playing scared with extra years? Depends on your view of the FO. With Pat, DJ, The Jabaris, Pizzano, Guerrero, Lara, Wilson, O'Neill, Morgan, B. Hernandez AND uber-stud Jackson ALL aimed at the OF, you'd think you don't really want to lock down more than one position long-term out there. With the right bridge plan, I don't have a problem with that.19 hours 3 sec ago
Bat571And do you and Matt agree that it looks like they're trying to find 4-year bridges to Alex Jackson, Wilson, et al, to be competitive with the pitching they've got and then have those (cheap) guys come in as they have to keep it going?19 hours 10 min ago
Bat571Gordon - what's your thoughts on DJ v. Kivlehan in the near-term? Do you agree that Lloyd's BP use bumps the value of Kivlehan (and the value of Miller being able to backup OF positions) and partially answers the "why WillieB" questions?19 hours 15 min ago
Bat571If the Ms could sign Hanley near-term, it also might make getting Kemp easier - if the Dodgers don't get Alexei Ramirez first. Taylor and Gordon up the middle has got to be looking interesting by now. Somebody just has to whisper "Guerrero, Joc Pederson and Puig" into some LA ears. Then I would be happy with Gattis and Terdoslavich from Atlanta for LH bats, and Upton can go to the Yankees next year from somewhere else.19 hours 19 min ago
Bat571We don't want the Ms to add to your stress, Matt..... So let's figure out what the Ms *should* do, without sacrificing pitching, and then see what happens! ;-) ! And, Gordon, you're right (and, probably, so is Boras) that Upton will get 6/$18 at least on the market. It's the same AAV, but the years....Not sure the Ms are in for the long-term; the guys they've bid on so far have been pricey, but for 4 years. But extending Upton would make me, at least, a LOT more willing to give Hart DJ + LH bats in return. Kemp and Lee both are pricey but <=4 years commitment; would the Ms be better off with them?19 hours 26 min ago
Gordon GrossMy dreams of giving Felix a World Series trophy before his arm falls off do not include us giving up our version of Madison Bumgarner if we can help it. Kinda think we're gonna need that dude for our first WS... and our second. Neither of those dudes on the table for us is Paul Goldschmidt, sadly. If just money will bring me Hanley or Tomas, or I can get Kemp for lesser prospects, then I'd go that way first. Trading either Paxton or Walker is an option of last resort that has to bring us more than one shot at the brass ring, IMO.19 hours 29 min ago
SABR MattI'd give up Walker for Gattis and Upton combined...but it would be stress-inducing.19 hours 46 min ago