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SABR MattWas so hoping to have some chewy commentary on the Rays sweep today.........50 min 28 sec ago
SABR MattAlso, FIFA countries may not look down on bribed IN GENERAL, but it is actually not the case that the rest of the world is totally cool with FIFA being dirty. The general global response to our action seems to be "about time!"51 min 18 sec ago
moethedogExactly, Mt!7 hours 5 min ago
MtGrizzlyNo. Sorry. No. If you are going to do business in this country, then you have to follow our laws. They took the bribes here, they broke our laws and they should face the same exact justice that you or I would if we did it. I have no sympathy at all.7 hours 48 min ago
DaddyOA better word than "incredulous" would be "ridiculous," i.e., worthy of ridicule. One the face of it I found that argument persuasive. I am not any kind of soccer fan. Never have been, never will be. But I've read plenty enough history to know how often the United States has blundered around the world stage with the best of intentions, but without properly understanding the context of it's activities.7 hours 59 min ago
DaddyOThe commentators I heard, and this was not a political talk show with an agenda, it was sports guys, were mocking the whole thing and laughing at the idea that somehow the United States was attempting to impose it's way of looking at things on an international sport. They found the attempt incredulous.8 hours 2 min ago
DaddyOAgain, from what I have heard on sports radio today, which I acknowledge could have been a one-sided presentation, these foreign FIFA officials were only doing what is commonly accepted in the countries where soccer flourishes-- pay bribes in order to secure the hosting of tournaments. It is my understanding that bribery is simply not looked at in Latin America, or Africa, or the Middle East the way it is in America. Is this not correct? Please enlighten me.8 hours 5 min ago
DaddyOI don't claim to be the most informed person on the FIFA issue. I am open to being educated on it. But what I am hearing is that the US AG wants to have foreign countries extradite their citizens to the US for trial on corruption charges. Is that correct, or not? If so, all you are going to accomplish is seriously alienating every foreign country involved. Correct? If not, then what I have heard on sports radio today is incorrect.8 hours 8 min ago
moethedogReal animal cruelty = every time a (moethe) dog has to watch Ackley and Jackson bat.9 hours 40 min ago
GLSThis FIFA thing is great. FIFA is a horrible and incredibly corrupt organization. I'm so glad the US is going after these guys.9 hours 44 min ago
phxterryUS AG investigated FIFA officials for bribes taken in the United States relating to games to be hosted in the US in 2016. Seems logical to me - US AG investigating bribes paid in USA over games to be hosted in this country. One of the buildings raided which had records seized is in Miami. Arrests were made in Switzerland but many of the arrested ones will be tried in USA after extradition. Who else is supposed to investigate bribery and corruption inside the USA?10 hours 56 min ago
DaddyOThis whole FIFA thing is a JOKE. Why are we using taxpayer dollars to go after international sports governances??!! Earth to America, the culture of foreign institutions doesn't always correspond to our way of looking at things. Don't we have more pressing concerns right here in our own, um, jurisdiction?!11 hours 35 min ago
mojicianWhy is the United States arresting FIFA soccer officials for taking bribes? Isn't there a requirement somewhere that US tax dollars should be spent on things that are important to Americans? FIFA officials should be tried at the Hague or in Brazil or somewhere that cares.11 hours 46 min ago
DaddyOWell, as long as Cruz is liable for choking a Ray, for the upcoming series he might as well go ahead and... (OOPS! I can't say THAT or the PC police will be ALL OVER ME!).11 hours 55 min ago
mojicianHeh! Make our own rumors. here's one: I heard that Nelson Cruz is being investigated for animal cruelty after a cownose ray reportedly choked on a baseball that he it into its tank. Investigators claim that they have video of Cruz callously laughing and giving the high five to several accomplices afterwards. This seems serious, as animal cruelty in Florida is a felony and a deportable offense under INS law.12 hours 59 min ago
GLSWe create our own rumor mill here.13 hours 17 min ago
OBFDaddyO, just in OBF's fantasies :)13 hours 50 min ago
GLSJust lower down in the shout box. :)14 hours 2 min ago
DaddyOHas such a trade been rumored, GLS?14 hours 17 min ago
GLSI think I would be all over that trade of Taijuan, Deej, and Alex Jackson for Archer.14 hours 48 min ago