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Gordon GrossI'm very luke-warm on Happ, moe. My hopes for him are pinned on the idea that he jumped a plateau last year - if he did not do that, then we should know it soon. If Elias was pitching like Walker I'd be a little more bent about Happ's outings, but as it is we've got him holding Elias's seat warm. And if he goes on a run like Young did last year, then sure - he can stay in the rotation. And if not then we'll work that out in May. Unless he implodes and we have to start Olson or something. Let's not have that happen, yeah?1 hour 37 min ago
moethedogUnderstood, G. Mostly I was tongue-in-cheek, ergo the :). But I must admit to be a Happ doubter. I hope I'm wrong.12 hours 54 min ago
Gordon GrossElias is only a phone call (and a day) away. It's not like he's been stuffed into a suitcase and airmailed to Tajiristan. :) and it's not like he's been killing it this Spring either. Just give em time. Both happ and elias. It's the #5 starter. I just want something approximating .500 from that slot anyway.13 hours 59 min ago
moethedogFeeling great about Happ. Wait.....Never mind. :) Gee, I miss Elias.....17 hours 55 min ago
SABR MattIt's official. ..Walker wins sp5, Leone wins Rhrp 5, Olson wins lhrp219 hours 5 min ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Carson Smith has been optioned to Tacoma.19 hours 40 min ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Mariners send down Elias, Lowe, Pries, Correia, Saunders, O'Malley, Rivero, Baker and Chavez1 day 28 min ago
jemanjiSincerest best wishes for Mr. Sanchez and those around him.1 day 51 min ago
Gordon Gross"It's pretty devastating to a lot of us," Mariners minor league catcher Tyler Marlette said after Sanchez's accident, according to "He's a big dude -- we'd always call him Shrek -- with a lot of humor. He's always pleasant, always positive with everybody. Just a fun-loving guy and he'd be the first one to buy you food or do anything for you. It's a shame that it happened to him. It just reminds you how important life is and that it's not just about baseball."1 day 3 hours ago
OBFWow, that sucks... :(. Prayers for his family, enjoy heaven, Victor.1 day 8 hours ago
Gordon GrossRIP Victor. Thoughts are with his family. Just a tragedy.1 day 12 hours ago
Lonnie of MCSanchez was a lot like other prospects in the M's organization; didn't fit the profile of a true MLB player, yet, he always managed to exceed expectations. I am going to miss El Toro.1 day 14 hours ago
MtGrizzlySo sad.1 day 14 hours ago
Tacoma RainPer Dutton... Victor Sanchez has died.1 day 15 hours ago
rick82Man. I've been looking at Willie Blomquist a LONG time.1 day 20 hours ago
MtGrizzlyFrom a cold and purely selfish point of view, this works out pretty well for the Mariners. They don't have to choose between Olsen and Rollins. They get to keep Rollins in AZ under their training regimen for 80 games. They get him back mid season and if he's essentially ready for MLB action, well, that's pretty good for the club. Tough to see anything but benefits for the Mariners.1 day 23 hours ago
GLSThis is the greatest day of Tyler Olsen's life.2 days 19 hours ago
GLSThe positive test was for stanozolol, so I guess there isn't much hope that it was just tainted supplements or something like that.2 days 20 hours ago
Tacoma RainPer MLB Trade Rumors, the Mariners can keep, and will keep Rollins through the suspension.2 days 20 hours ago
Tacoma RainNow Erasmo and Safeco Joe come back into the discussion, though I really hope it is a short discussion2 days 20 hours ago