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Tacoma RainNumber 14 was my first hero, and the only numbered shirt I would wear in my youth. He was class personified, and had a never ending joy for the game or people. RIP to a true gentleman and legend of the game.11 hours 3 min ago
DaddyOErnie Banks. Always loved that guy. Although not exactly the same kind of hitter, Edgar Martinez always reminded me of Ernie Banks, a little in attitude, bit mostly in the fact that he played his whole outstanding career for a team that never made it to the World Series. Most of my admitted bitterness against the M's is their lack of commitment to go the extra mile to get Edgar and the gang into one when they had the chance. Banks IS the Chicago Cubs.13 hours 14 min ago
rick82You'll have to share that story with us, Diderot.19 hours 32 min ago
jemanjiLet's play two, Diderot20 hours 28 min ago
diderotSorry to completely change the topic, but a moment of tribute (and sadness) for Ernie Banks. Through an entirely unpredictable set of circumstances, I had dinner with him the night he was elected to the Hall of Fame. You could not ask for a better human being. Baseball was immensely better for having had him.23 hours 54 min ago
jemanjirumor seems to be that somebody clandestinely took a needle to the balls between pre game inspection and halftime ...1 day 4 hours ago
mojicianA Mariners analogy would be freezing or humidifying the opponent's baseballs, dehydrating Mariners baseballs, or closing the roof every half inning so the ball is more lively during Mariners at bats.1 day 4 hours ago
mojicianThe plot thickens: Apparently, after a referee marks a seal of approval on game balls, they are returned to the providing team's equipment manager just before the game. Also, each team provides its own balls for the offense to play with, so deflate gate caused a disadvantage to the Colts.1 day 4 hours ago
mojicianIf Brady prefers underinflated balls, how does he claim that he didn't know anything about the balls being underinflated? They must have felt underinflated to his expert throwing hand. We have motive, we have an inconsistent story from the main suspect, we have obviously tampered balls. What we don't have is the tampering device, who the principal was who actually did the deed, and who all of the aiders and abetters are in this conspiracy. Take Brady downtown and make him squeal.1 day 5 hours ago
DaddyOIt doesn't matter whether the advantage sought by the Patriots actually changed the outcome of the game, or whether restoring balls to within tolerance for the second half shows that the advantage sought shows that it had little or no effect. What matters is that clearly someone connected with the Patriots in some way did in fact seek such an illegal advantage. 11 of 12 balls were outside pressure limits, all underpressured, a stated preference of Tom Brady.. Not a koinkidink. Someone intentionally made it so, and did so at the express or implied, immediate or mediate request of Tom Brady. In addition, the officials responsible for testing either didn't do their job or were in on the subterfuge. Once it is publicly known that a team sough such an illegal advantage, the NFL MUST do something...publicly, else it is demonstrated to tolerate the seeking of illegal advantages.1 day 5 hours ago
moethedogAll the balls were re-inflated at half the balls go back to the refs. Didn't hurt the Pats much after halftime.1 day 6 hours ago
SABR Mattagreed that Brady and Belichek likely know what is happening with the balls...and that only the balls Brady got were under-inflated (yielding a lopsided outcome).1 day 8 hours ago
SABR MattI always knew Furbush was tall, but he doesn't stand tall on the mound much...he pitches with a stooped stance that makes him look shorter.1 day 8 hours ago
okdanThis is apropos of nothing, but I just saw a photo of the guys wearing the new alternate uniforms, and... Did you realize that Charlie Furbush is 6' 5"? He's got an inch on Paxton, and a few inches on Cruz. Always thought he was a shorter guy :shrug:1 day 10 hours ago
moethedogI believe that once the balls (12 for each team) go to the Referee to be checked (2 hours and 15 minutes before game time) the balls are never in the possession of "some locker room guy." The Referee is to check each ball and then they remain in his possession until just before game time when they go to a ball attendant, on the field. The home team provides the ball attendant for both teams. This guy is responsible for the balls, which (I believe) are delivered back to the refs during halftime. The ball attendant is in a stripped shirt, I believe.1 day 11 hours ago
SpectatorAnd it's a championship game. And inclement weather. And Brady's been playing in that same stadium for, what, 15 years? Some locker room guy is going to take the initiative on his own accord to change the balls just for the heck of it? No way. It was done because Brady wanted it done. Maybe with a wink and a nod, but because Brady wanted it done.1 day 14 hours ago
SpectatorBut all the ex-jocks on espn are saying there's NO WAY an equipment guy does anything to the ball unless Brady knows and approves. And that's for any starting QB, but particularly for a veteran mega-star who's known to be particular about how he wants the balls prepared. Hard to buy Brady's Sgt. Schultz I know NOTH-ing stuff. Reminds me of Lance Armstong "I'm-bigger-than-the-sport so I can get away with it" routine.1 day 15 hours ago
MtGrizzlyRe. Deflate gate - I wouldn't t want to be a Patriots ball boy right now. I think this poop will roll all the way down hill and some poor ball boy is going to take the fall.1 day 16 hours ago
MtGrizzlyMontero is almost certainly headed to Tacoma to play 1B. He's Morrison insurance and they will want him swinging the bat every day, not sitting on the bench.1 day 16 hours ago
SilentpadnaIt won't affect the Super Bowl - other than the extra babysitting (and the fact that Brady won't get to use what he may be apparently used to). They should get sanctioned something like, but not as severe, as what the Saints had to go through - if the investigation uncovers intention and proof.1 day 17 hours ago