Baseball America and Fangraphs Prospect Rankings

The Original Jackson 5ive still makes up the bulk of the lists, but Mr. Zuumball is now at the top

Baseball America

  1. Mike Zunino
  2. Taijuan Walker
  3. Danny Hultzen
  4. James Paxton
  5. Nick Franklin
  6. Brandon Maurer
  7. Carter Capps
  8. Stefen Romero
  9. Brad Miller
  10. Victor Sanchez


  1. Mike Zunino
  2. Taijuan Walker
  3. Danny Hultzen
  4. Nick Franklin
  5. James Paxton
  6. Carter Capps
  7. Brandon Maurer
  8. Brad Miller
  9. Stefen Romero
  10. Victor Sanchez
  11. Patrick Kivlehan
  12. Gabriel Guerrero
  13. Tyler Pike
  14. Stephen Pryor
  15. Timothy Lopes

My commentary:

  • That was fast.  I thought I might be ahead of the curve in placing Zunino at No. 1.  So much for the element of surprise.  That’s OK, though.  When a guy comes right out of college and instantly shows leadership, power and plate skills, what can you do?  Of course, moderately wobbly years from The Big 3 make it easier to put Mr. Zuumball at the top of the list.
  • Brandon Maurer was not one of the Original Jackson 5ive (which was Walker, Hultzen, Paxton, Pryor and Capps), but looking at these lists, it appears that, retroactively, we’d have to make it the “Jackson 6ix,” which, obviously, has no zip to it at all.  I’m not down on Maurer (except in relative terms), but I don’t have him up that high.
  • (As we’ve noted here, the actual sixth member of the Jackson 5ive was Randy Jackson … but not that Randy Jackson.  No offense to either Randy, or Maurer, but we’re sticking with our Original 5ive.)
  • Paxton “has a ceiling close to that of Hultzen …” (Fangraphs).  True, it may be “close” but that doesn’t rule out the likelihood that it’s higher (which it is).
  • On the other hand, it’s good to see Fangraphs offer some affirmation of my high regard for three of the Teen Titans: Gaby, Nephew of Vlad, Pike and Lopes.
  • Memo to readers: Don’t fear the stall-out year (when the circumstances are right).  In other words: Vintage Vinnie can still make these guys look wrong.
  • Kivlehan at No. 11?  That’s just showin’ off (I think).  (I’d be happy to be proven wrong.)
  • Not yet on The Morbanwagon?  That’s all right.  Plenty of good seats still available.  It's always cooler to be an early-adopter.
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The Top Ten Seattle Mariners Prospects
by Baseball Prospectus

1. RHP Taijuan Walker
2. C Mike Zunino
3. LHP Danny Hultzen
4. IF Nick Franklin
5. LHP James Paxton
6. RHP Brandon Maurer
7. LHP Luiz Gohara
8. RHP Victor Sanchez
9. LHP Tyler Pike
10. IF/OF Stefen Romero

Experience with premature rankings of Guillermo Pimental and Phillips Castillo should give pause, but is it possible Luiz Gohara is as good or better than Sanchez? Wow!


Hot off the digital press!

Gohara is interesting ... but No. 7 overall is certainly premature.  Maybe they know something we don't, but that's awfully high before he even throws a professional pitch.

I'm quite surprised, but thrilled, to see Pike is already a "consensus" top prospect.

I guess we'll see, but Miller is a huge omission in my book.


I have gone through carefully, and have determined (as have others) that Capps and Pryor both will still be eligible for rookie status at the start of the year.  Therefore, they are still eligible for "prospect" lists (at least using the criteria that most use).

I don't know what's behind the BP paywall, so I don't know if they considered Capps and Pryor and chose not to list them, or excluded them because they do have a fair amount of MLB time, just not enough to lose rookie status (September MLB time doesn't count; Pryor had an extended stint on the DL, which doesn't count; Capps didn't come up until August).

Just so you know.


the BP lists this year have two little bonus sections after the top 10 - three guys on the rise (usually younger upsidey guys) and three "close to helping" (what it says - guys on the cusp of the majors - tend to get a lot of relievers and utility types here.) they put both capps and pryor in the latter bucket. so they were considered eligible but didn't make the top 10. seems wrong to me but what can you do. prospect value of relievers is all over the map depending on who you ask


If you have that kind of a category, I can't really blame them for putting Capps and Pryor there.

I do get the notion that valuing relievers is difficult (see how Brian Moran was left off the 40-man but also unpicked in the Rule 5 draft), but these two are virtually certain to be high-leverage late-inning guys in the majors.

Thanks for chiming in, wily mo! 


My own thought is that Miller should be just ahead of Romero, or A&B with him, and they should be with, or just behind Maurer. But seeing Pike and Sanchez ranked is a pleasant surprise (since it could have been Pimental or Ogando or some such that have no real accomplishments to go with the talent). The only one that really looks out of place is Gohara, but there's apparently some praise for him behind the wall. My fear is that the praise is from the same people that praised Pimental and ignored Guerrero.


What was it that would transform Gohara from "very interesting international signing" to "ranked ahead of Sanchez, Pike, Miller and Romero"?

I know not.

Actually, if there's a raw sleeper guy that I would toss a high ranking to just for the heck of it, it would be Edwin Diaz, who was wayyyy outperformed by Pike, but did have 9.5 K/9.  Or Seon-Gi Kim, who had the best single game of any pitcher in the whole system, including Paxton (6.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 13 K ... Strasburgian).


Don't give up yet on Pimentel and Castillo.  We've just witnessed Julio Morban come out of that same situation with a monster year at age 20.  But, yes, they shouldn't have been in the top 10 at 18, and Morban probably shouldn't have, either.

But we finally have enough real solid prospects that we don't have to reach for teenagers to fill out the top 10 anymore.

But if they were trying to generate discussion and clicks, well they got some, didn't they?


Spec - I know you're probably working on your Spec 66 now, but to preempt it a bit, who do you think are the most likely fast movers in the system - a la Seager - the "pre-packaged, ready-made, just-add-water" types as you so aptly put it? Or to put it another way, the NCAA Div 1 types that "settle-in" to pro ball and then move quickly. Do you agree with my assessment in an SSI comment that Landry looks poised to do it? How about Marder? Considering your comment on Kivlehan, how likely do you think it is that he can move up quickly, given all the indications that he "settled in" as the season progressed in Everett?


Assume you mean other than Zunino, who seems to be as "ready-made" as you can get.

-- Brad Miller looks like a statistical clone of Seager, except that he plays short

-- Everyone else may have abandoned ship, but I still view Catricala as the hitter closest to major league success.  Stall-out years are more common that people think.

-- Like you, I'm a Landry believer.  If he can play CF in the majors, then he's got great potential.  I wish he walked more, but he makes up for it with zip in his bat.  Not sure he makes it as a corner, though.  He and Marder will be closely watched at AA.

-- Kivlehan is just an odd duck due to his history.  He got much better as the year went along, but he's got a loooong way to go in my book.


By the bye, Gabe Guerrero, Edwin Diaz, and Jordan Shipers are mentioned along with Miller, Pryor and Capps in the supplemental analysis of the Ms system (got a gift sub to BP for Xmas). Looks like Mr. Parks did a pretty good job going through the system; but I'm now fascinated by Gohara - could Sanchez and Gohara BOTH be the real deal at 17? Looks like Engle left some parting gifts!


Shipers gets a fair amount of love, but I'm much higher on Landazuri, based on what they've done so far.

We'll obviously keep a close eye on Gohara..



Yes, but Pries is two years older and played major-college ball at a high level, so we can't judge too much from the fact that he was strong in the low minors.


Spec - hope this is O.K. - but I like to see how different sites rank the Ms prospects. So having one place to see them may be helpful to others. They still need to go to the sites for the commentary and vids.

To keep this thread alive as the Rankings thread, I found some other lists up from sites that have a good rep (Bullpen Banter is Conor Dowley's current gig). These sites have overlapping staff, but the commentary is different, and they have some good video clips for most, but not all, of the main prospects.

Bullpen Banter

1. Taijuan Walker
2. Danny Hultzen
3. Mike Zunino
4. Nick Franklin
5. James Paxton
6. Carter Capps
7. Victor Sanchez
8. Brad Miller
9. Brandon Maurer
10. Stephen Pryor
11. Stefan Romero
12. Joe DeCarlo
13. Tyler Pike
14. Martin Peguero
15. Leon Landry

additional mention

Gabriel Guerrero
Chris Taylor
Guillermo Pimentel

MLB Dirt

1.Taijuan Walker
2. Mike Zunino
3. Danny Hultzen
4. Nick Franklin
5.James Paxton
6. Brad Miller
7. Victor Sanchez
8. Carter Capps
9. Brandon Maurer
10. Stefan Romero
11. Tyler Pike
12. Stephen Pryor
13. Joseph DeCarlo
14. Jack Marder
15. Edwin Diaz
16. Leon Landry


Keep 'em coming.

-- Everyone likes Maurer more than me, but that's fine.  I'm glad to see Pike right there with him.

-- Maybe at some point I will be the only person in the world who is still writing about Vinnie Catricala, but so be it.

-- I love the Chris Taylor honorable mention.

-- Except for Martin Peguero not really showing anything yet (and apparently being moved off shortstop), I can't quibble too much.  People are converging on the same names more or less.


I, too, think there's a good chance Vinnie turns it around - in fact I think that he started to in the AFL. Granted, those pitchers weren't consistent AAA quality. But the talent has been there; I don't think he lost it. As you say, stall years aren't uncommon. If he turns it around, that's another chip in the pot.

As to Smoak, pushed as fast as he was, I'm inclined to see if the last month's hitting with the two-handed stroke was his turn-around. Even if he has to start at AAA to make the initial roster work, I'm looking forward with some interest to see him groove in his swing.

Ackley, as I noted in another comment, is not that far below where other perennial all-stars were at the same point in their careers. We fans are a tough crowd, but I think he's not far away from a breakthrough, either.

I do think that a mature power hitter will help the others. In that sense, the signings of Bay and Ibanez and acquiring Morales make sense to me. If you look at it in that light, if Ibanez and Morales can help teach Montero how to DH on the days he doesn't catch, and these other guys can pick it up to their promise, things may look much better by mid-year.

Tacoma, with an infield of Catricala, Franklin/Miller, Romero, and Smoak from left to right, an outfield of Thames, Almonte, and whoever, and Zunino catching a rotation of Hultzen, Paxton, Maurer, Fernandez, and Walker or Carraway, is going to be scary-good. Then by mid-year, Landry and Marder start the next wave. Absolute joy to contemplate.


This is another smaller site that has a good collection of vids of prospects; more of a clearinghouse than an authoritative scouting site. Nonetheless, their rankings are interesting. They go 20 deep, which also allows for some different names to be brought up. Very little discussion, mostly links to stats and vids.

1. Taijuan Walker
2. Mike Zunino
3. Danny Hultzen
4. Nick Franklin
5. James Paxton
6. Brad Miller
7. Stefan Romero
8. Carter Capps
9. Victor Sanchez
10. Brandon Maurer
11. Stephen Pryor
12. Erasmo Ramirez
13. Timothy Lopes
14. Gabriel Guerrero
15. Tyler Pike
16. Vinnie Catricala
17. Chance Ruffin
18. Jabari Blash
19. Francisco Martinez
20. Guillermo Pimentel

While I might put Marder, DeCarlo, Landry, Diaz, or Taylor on in place of the last three, it again shows the depth of the Ms system.


Using Sickels system of ranking, this is how I see the Ms system -

Taijuan Walker
Mike Zunino

Danny Hultzen
James Paxton
Gabriel Guerrero
Victor Sanchez

Nick Franklin
Brad Miller
Stefan Romero
Carter Capps

Erasmo Ramirez
Brandon Maurer
Stephen Pryor
Jack Marder
Leon Landry
Carson Smith
Anthony Fernandez
Tyler Pike
Timothy Lopes
Joe DeCarlo

Julio Morban
Vinnie Catricala
Ji-Man Choi
Chris Taylor
Isaiah Yates
Chance Ruffin
Patrick Kivlehan
John Hicks
Marcus Littlewood
Luiz Gohara (by rep only)

Carlos Triunfel
Yoervis Medina
Daniel Paolini
James Jones
Brian Moran
Bobby LaFromboise
Francisco Martinez
Jordan Shipers
Stephen Landazuri
Seon-Gi Kim
Jordan Pries
Edwin Diaz
Kyle Hunter
Matt Brazis
Dario Pizzano
Rich Poythress
Gabrial Franca
Filipe Burin

Steven Proscia
Taylor Ard
Logan Bawcom
Andrew Carraway
Dylan Unsworth
Mario Martinez
Forrest Snow
Jamodrick McGruder
Martin Peguero
Guillermo Pimental
Danny Almonte
Phillips Castillo
Jabari Henry
Jabari Blash
Cavan Cohoes
Josh Corrales

Order of names within levels is not firm

So, Spec - whaddayou think? Any egregious errors or omissions? Think I should post it when Sickels opens it up for the Mariners preliminary discussion?


Of course you should chime in with Sickels.

At first glance, the only omission I note is Mike McGee.

My guess is that Sickels will have most of your guys a notch or two below, grade-wise, but probably similar names.

Keep it up, Bat


This is for anyone who wants to chime in - I'm doing this to deepen my own understanding of the Ms system, not as a vanity project. Gordon, thirteen, anyone, wanna weigh in?

After looking at Sickel's lists for years, I think my A, A-, and B+ grades are pretty consistent with the type of guys he's given these grades in the past, including some of the listed guys, even if it looks aggressive. The Ms system is now at the level of systems like Toronto which had 8 B+ or better in previous years. Sanchez and Guerrero are obviously reaches, but the rest, I think, could be justified. When you get to B and B-, there are obviously too many.

If I take the C and call them Others, C+ make C, and re-sort the B/B-, who would you consider the true 'B' 'spects and who would you call B- or C+? Which of the B/B- group doesn't belong at all? Spec, where would you put Mike McGee, i.e., which guys should he group with (since actual ranking is beyond me).

Spec - I know you're working on your Spec 66 (or 88), so I hope this helps rather than hurts if we get a discussion going now.


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moethedogthe return to the interesting LoMo: I've written several times before that the most interesting Logan Morrison was the one he was as a rookie. he was an OBP 1B then, not really a slugger. Rookie numbers = .283-.390-.447. The Slg% was inflated beyond reason as he has 20 doubles and 7 trips in 287 BA's. In the last 28 days, Morrison is a .289-.379-.356 hitter. He's has 3 XB's in 103 PA's. But this is an interesting Morrison to bat near the top of the lineup. His rookie year he bated 2nd almost exclusively. Vs. RHP he is OPS'ing .809....he was at .797 in '10.2 months 1 week ago
moethedogI always said I liked that Morrison better. I would still get him some vL help in the form of Guti or Romero. Guti isn't the runaway that you might imagine....if you're going to platoon him. He's OPS'ing .776 vL in Tacoma with 1 HR in 51 AB's. Romero is at .895 and 4 in 67. (Montero, now blocked it appears is at .980 and 4 in 73: O'Malley is at .865 with a .404 OBP...He's better than Bloomquist). Guti is hitting RHP very well, but the LF position may be a platoon only deal right now. vR, you go with Trumbo, LoMo, Cruz and Smith......2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOAha. Things begin to add up. Jack is determined to keep Ackley. Brings in Weeks so somebody understands what he's going through. McClendon know that. (jk)2 months 1 week ago
moethedogWeeks and Ackley were both #2 picks.2 months 1 week ago
rick82Weeks must be real good in the clubhouse. I didn't realize what a young phenom he was, although he was a super high pick I figured he had a typical minors experience. But he skipped high A, going from the Midwest League at age 20 (and a callup in September to the big club) to AA at age 21, then half a season in AAA before settling in as the Brewer second baseman. Only 937 PAs in the minors, a hundred or so fewer than Ackley.2 months 1 week ago
GrumpyAckley rather.2 months 1 week ago
GrumpyIf he gets hurt plug-in actually back in and call up Jones.2 months 1 week ago
GrumpyYes I can't imagine what the holdup is on Gutierrez.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyCrappy thing is, there's an extreme shortage of decent catchers in the game right now. Tough and expensive position to upgrade.2 months 1 week ago
rick82Over that last week, Zunino has an .000 BA with a .214 OBP. 3:4 BB/K ratio.2 months 1 week ago
SABR MattTerry...Rodney is demoted...Smith is the closer now. Only 3 blown saves before Rodney disappeared. That's pretty fast.2 months 1 week ago
phxterryPersonally, I think that GMZ had a very good off-season, plugging several major holes with Cruz, Smith, and Happ -- without significantly down-grading the talent pool. I would fault him for being slow to react to correct deficiencies as the season has developed; however, he did make a nice trade for a back-up catcher when Sucre flopped at the plate. For me, most of the fault is with the manager and players. The Pencil's inherent stubbornness for playing the wrong players (his man-crush on Almonte has been replaced with his love for the FRE) has not been offset this year with the magical touch he had in the bullpen last year. I reckon that the Pencil's use of Rodney and Farquar is, by itself, the difference between the current record and .500.2 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossLOL or what Matt said. Carlos is OPSing a thousand in the minors this year. Montero: .830 (and blocked by Trumbo), Marte: .830 (and injured), Romero: .820 (and currently injured), Taylor: .800 and back in AAA for a reason, Kivlehan: .760 with no walks, Jones: .690, DJ .575 in AA (!!!) and then Dario Pizzano who probably needs to move up to AAA with his current .850, good eye and slight lack of power - which is another great reason to promote Guti.2 months 1 week ago
Gordon GrossCorrea is a future monster. The Mariners were hoping Buxton or Correa got to them in that draft, and Zunino was the consolation prize. When his offense comes around in 2018 he's gonna be a great future prize - for the Yankees. Last night was Kivlehan's first walk in 2 weeks. He's hitting for power now (.305 average with a .625 SLG over his last 3 weeks) but the 4:22 eye over that time frame isn't great. I still don't call up Kivlehan, and Marte is on the DL at the moment. Montero has had his spot taken by Trumbo. That leaves Guti, who is posting a .326 /.422 /.533 /.956 line this year in AAA with a .6 batting eye. He can come back up aaaannny day now and take Ackley's spot. DFA Weeks if that makes you feel better, since they're both righties. We need Guti's D out there and his offense CAN'T be as bad as everyday Dustin.2 months 1 week ago
SABR Mattmoe...we don't have anyone with Correa's pedigree knocking down the door. Our AAA hopefuls are MLB vet retreads, guys who are hitting .210, and guys with K/BBs larger than 5.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyOIt is a little known fact that The Beatles had mystic powers, and forseeing the dreadful lot of Mariners fans in 2015 composed this song to capture their mood: months 1 week ago
moethedogA day off and a plane trip east......The perfect time to make some roster moves. Man, Houston just called up their 20 year old SS, after a handful of AAA games.....because he's better than their other guys. Exactly what we should be doing.2 months 1 week ago
DaddyODay off. A vacation from Mariners Fan Misery.2 months 1 week ago
MtGrizzlyThey like Weeks for some reason.2 months 1 week ago