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mojicianI got moderator ability about three weeks ago. I think this was on accidental byproduct of getting me unmoderated. But nobody told me to approve only certain comments. It's just a mechanical thing except for obscenity.49 min 44 sec ago
mojicianSo, if you have a lost post, say something in the shoutbox!58 min 25 sec ago
mojicianThe downside to this pink post system is that you only find them by reading through threads, and the threads are usually unread after two days. If a new poster started on an old thread, his stuff would never be found and he would be left with the impression that he had been censored or something.1 hour 57 sec ago
mojicianI think Klat has taken these extreme measures in order to win the war on spam bots. What is missing, is a personal bypass where a human can click on a pink post and approve the poster for all time instead of piecemeal.1 hour 4 min ago
mojicianAt some point, the Klat system decides that you are not a robot and you lose secret pink status and your stuff shows up immediately.1 hour 7 min ago
mojicianRe: moderator. When you are a new poster, your comments to posts show up as secret pink comments. They are only in the main body of comments, but are not listed in the lists of comments. A moderator has to manually go through a thread and do a pink check for secret pink comments.1 hour 10 min ago
SABR MattThe Mariners should pull in the fences at safeco field to absurd levels. Seriously. They should bring LF in to 285 feet, CF to 385, RF to 305.3 hours 54 min ago
bpjThis approval by a moderator thing is why I don't post here often. What's that about...6 hours 53 sec ago
bpjAt this point Saunders is no better to the Mariners than Franklin Gutierrez was when he was the guy with the revolving door to the disabled list. You can't win counting on players like that because there's always just enough hope that you fail to provide an adequate backup because they SHOULD be in the lineup making the team better. Except when they're not...6 hours 2 min ago
GrumpyLooks like the loss of the Condor has dropped the team below offensive critical mass.6 hours 14 min ago
bsr@StoneLarry: Remember yesterday when #Mariners were on pace to score 5 more runs than last year? Now they're on identical 624-run pace.10 hours 44 min ago
MtGrizzly@RyanDivish: The #Mariners have scored just three runs in their last 37 innings of baseball.10 hours 52 min ago
bsrFor example in today's game, I would absolutely take 2010 Figgy over Endy, PH Hart, JJ, P"H" Romero, Lomo, or Miller. Ackley is hard to decide, but his season line is certainly a lot worse than 2010 Figgy. This is kind of blowing my mind...11 hours 27 sec ago
bsrYou know, 2010 Chone Figgins would be a substantial upgrade to this team. A utility guy hitting 260-340-305 with 40+ steals? That is better than most of our daily lineup!11 hours 4 min ago
bsrM's are back to their familiar comfort zone: distant last place in AL team OPS. Last in average, last in OBP - the only team with an OBP <300 - and last in slugging for good measure. 244-298-371. Can't blame it on the park anymore - take out Safeco games and our road OPS would still be 2nd to last in the AL (maybe last after tonight). Year after year after year after year of this...when is it going to improve? So incredibly frustrating.11 hours 10 min ago
bsrAs an addendum / positive note, I was extremely impressed with Seager. He is starting to carry himself like a star and a leader, and playing like one at the plate and in the field. Someday there will be someone else to get on base for those ripped doubles he smacks in brass knuckle pennant fights like we're in. Someday.11 hours 28 min ago
bsrM's fans needed to throw those Oriole home run balls back on the field. Bush league and bad baseball karma, not knowing to do that. Five Seattle people in that stadium came to play pennant race baseball - Seager, Cano, Fat Ichiro, the Arrow, and of course Felix. Everyone else basically came out for a nice night at the ballpark. This is the same Mariners as every year under Jack Z, with one extra star player who never has anyone to drive in, so his batting title performance is wasted. Count me out of watching any more of this torture until we have a real MLB lineup out there.11 hours 33 min ago
bsrA pinch swinger coming in for another pinch swinger! Amazing. Only in Seattle.11 hours 49 min ago
SABR Mattcall me when the Mariners do something relevant...I'm just done with it.11 hours 53 min ago
mojicianAw Crud.12 hours 3 sec ago