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Games of July 19, 2012 -- Part II

No dramatic finish, no progress from Noesi

AAA -- Sacramento 14, Tacoma 3 [Box]

Nowhere near the drama in Tacoma on Thursday night compared to the Wednesday night/Thursday morning 18-inning extravaganza ended by utility guy Scott Savastano's "Employee of the Month" moment.  Larry Stone has more on Savastano, with video of the game-winning shot and ensuing semi-dogpile, plus audio from Rainier broadcaster Mike Curto, who called the whole game solo.  Curto has more on the game as well, including the tidbit that, even though the Sacto pitcher in the 18th was an outfielder, he'd pitched in college and was throwing 91 (and struck out Nick Franklin on three pitches).  Both their excellent blogs are linked over on the left column.

In an unusual twist, the performance of the 26-year-old minor-league lifer actually overshadowed a brilliant outing by Top 5 prospect Danny Hultzen (Talk40 #2A).  Curto says:

Hultzen had his best outing as a member of the Rainiers, going six innings and allowing two hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts. He gave up one run, on a solo home run to Jermaine Mitchell to lead off the sixth inning.

Hultzen had tremendous command of all of his pitches for the first five innings. Both of his walks came in the sixth inning, after an error put a man on with one out.

Oh, yeah, there was a game on Thursday, too.  It was Oakland's minor leaguers teeing off on Hector Noesi  (if you're dying to know the damage, it was 5.0 IP, 10 R, 9 ER), so maybe it's better to just keep the focus on Savastano and Hultzen.


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JDDubFor me drafting/acquiring Taijuan, Paxton, Miller, Seager, Zunino, Franklin, Gohara, Diaz, Taylor, Blash, Guerrero, Sanchez, Pike, Elias and more far outweighs the few bad trades and Ackley not working out. The Lee and Pineda deals sting, Fister deal a bit also. Adding Kuma and Cano are huge wins. If they continue drafting/signing IFA's like that and some of the pitchers can stay healthy we will be in good shape. Some of these players need to step up when they get a chance.26 min 49 sec ago
phxterryConcerning Lloyd's treatment of Saunders vs Almonte: It's been obvious from the beginning that Lloyd has a huge man-crush on Almonte - despite his lack of achievement - and a proportionately large disdain for Saunders - who is certainly not perfect but is still the M's best all-around OFer. As Doc pointed out in his brilliant post "McClendon, Wills, & LaRussa", playing favorites and jamming "my way or the highway" down the troops' collective throats better produce quick results or the troops will mutiny. I think the race is on between LLoyd and Gibson in AZ to determine who wins first prize in the "lose the clubhouse" sweepstakes.47 min 7 sec ago
moethedog:)47 min 35 sec ago
Gordon GrossHojo: “Abe, you have to swing when the ball is above the plate. And hit it, don’t forget that part. Swing REALLY hard but also hit the little white thing. It’s important to do both, otherwise you should try getting a walk so maybe the next guy can hit the little white thing. What is it, Brad?” “Coach… what’s a walk again?”49 min 17 sec ago
Gordon GrossHojo: “Now Dustin, you remember what I said: Either swing as hard as you can, or don’t swing at all. I didn’t amass my .249 career batting average and set the NL record for home-runs by a switch-hitter by slicing singles into the outfield. And I walked a lot in my career, gentlemen, and you know that new-fangled Sawboard-metrics really like walks. You need to either hit for extra bases or walk to first base. Yes, Abraham?” “I forget… do we swing when the little ball is IN the zone, or when it’s outside? This is so confusing…”50 min 39 sec ago
GLS@Silentpadna - I agree with you when you look at each decision on it's own. Ackley looked great and most everyone agreed that getting Smoak for Cliff Lee was the best-case scenario. And I think everyone was pumped when the deal for Montero was made. And with Hultzen, you had the promise of a product that was pretty much ready to go, that would require very little development. The problem though is that really none of those decisions have worked out. Maybe you can fault that as results-based analysis, and sure, I get that, but I think you can also say that these were key decisions, the results of which have kept the organization from moving forward, and Jack is the main guy who is paid to make these decisions. At the very least, aren't those results enough to make you think that you can do better in the person occupying that key decision-maker role?51 min 29 sec ago
Gordon Gross“No Kyle, you have to do it yourself, lil slugger.” *pats him kindly on the head* “Dustin, what’s on your mind?” “Do I have to swing like that now that I’m at the top of the order? I was doing really well with my other approach…”54 min 34 sec ago
Gordon GrossHoJo's advice as hitting coach: "Okay guys, remember as kids when you'd pound on a pinata blindfolded hoping candy would spill out? Go up to the plate and swing like that. Yes, Kyle, you have a question?" "Yeah, can our dads come swing and crack the pinata open once we whiff a bunch? That's what my dad used to do..."56 min 27 sec ago
moethedogWorse than it looks? Taking away the 1st 4 games of the year, Almonte has had 16 consecutive starts in CF, leading off every time. He's had only 4 games where he was on base more than once (and never more than twice) and 4 games where he didn't get on base. Over his last 12 games (52 PA's) he's had exactly ZERO walks and 19 K's. His speed over that time has accounted for exactly 1 SB (2/3 on the season). We've won twice over those 12 games, BTW. Man, I'll settle for 4 games of Bloomquist in CF. Did Jose Lopez ever have a 12 game run where he had ZERO walks and 19 K's? Well maybe, but you get the idea.....1 hour 24 min ago
MtGrizzlyDivish had a comment a few days ago regarding Franklin's work with VanSlyke in the OF. Didn't sound good at all.1 hour 24 min ago
Silentpadna@GLS - I don't think you can pin those things on Z. Especially the Lee/Smoak deal and even moreso the Ackley pick. Ackley would have picked at #2 no matter who was picking there - he was the consensus best hitter in that draft and it wasn't close. He was as can't miss of a hitter as you could expect. The return for Lee rental looked great at the time. The bottom line is that moves this franchise makes just don't work out. If you took the names completely away (players and franchise) and looked at nothing but scouting, results to that point, and performance, you'd have a hard time finding anything else similar that could fail so spectacularly.1 hour 25 min ago
moethedogI agree Tacoma: Starting Franklin in RF is weirdly desperate of the Skip. OK, at least it is "trying something," I get that. But how about we try sitting Almonte down for Saunders (who must be deep in the doghouse) and sitting Seager down for Franklin and playing Romero just because he can add some RH pop.1 hour 42 min ago
moethedogAnd the Rangers acquire and call up OF Dan Robertson, who isn't nearly the AAA hitter than Gillespie has been (although also a Beaver).1 hour 49 min ago
SABR MattBasically...I predict that we will score 0, 1 or 2 runs each and every fact in fantasy leagues with daily formats, I'm picking up everyone I can off the wire that faces the Mariners and banking the easy jack.1 hour 50 min ago
moethedogRangers Designate Hector Noesi For Assignment: Gee, really?1 hour 51 min ago
SABR MattAlright...that doesn't make any sense...Franklin over Saunders. McClendon must really dislike Saunders' approach at the plate.1 hour 52 min ago
Tacoma RainThe bad news of the day... Noesi has been DFA'd by the Rangers... I was really hoping he would do more damage there.2 hours 2 min ago
rick82OK, this is it. We're facing a right hander on a bad team with a high ERA and serious control problems. Time to go to work on this gu....oh, who am I kidding here? Day game in Safeco, with an opposing pitcher with a last name on the back of his jersey taking the mound. Hope we manage to scratch out a few hits. Matt, are you predicting a no hitter today?2 hours 6 min ago
Tacoma RainOK... NOW I am officially confused with Lloyd. FRANKLIN is starting in right field, with Saunders on the bench against a right handed pitcher. Almonte still starting as well??? WHY?2 hours 6 min ago
MtGrizzlyAt this point, it's too late for Morales. It'll take him weeks to shake the rust off with no ST and its the M's, so we know that they will trot him out there every day regardless. By the time he gets locked in, the season will be all but over.2 hours 9 min ago
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