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Games of July 19, 2012 -- Part II

No dramatic finish, no progress from Noesi

AAA -- Sacramento 14, Tacoma 3 [Box]

Nowhere near the drama in Tacoma on Thursday night compared to the Wednesday night/Thursday morning 18-inning extravaganza ended by utility guy Scott Savastano's "Employee of the Month" moment.  Larry Stone has more on Savastano, with video of the game-winning shot and ensuing semi-dogpile, plus audio from Rainier broadcaster Mike Curto, who called the whole game solo.  Curto has more on the game as well, including the tidbit that, even though the Sacto pitcher in the 18th was an outfielder, he'd pitched in college and was throwing 91 (and struck out Nick Franklin on three pitches).  Both their excellent blogs are linked over on the left column.

In an unusual twist, the performance of the 26-year-old minor-league lifer actually overshadowed a brilliant outing by Top 5 prospect Danny Hultzen (Talk40 #2A).  Curto says:

Hultzen had his best outing as a member of the Rainiers, going six innings and allowing two hits, two walks, and eight strikeouts. He gave up one run, on a solo home run to Jermaine Mitchell to lead off the sixth inning.

Hultzen had tremendous command of all of his pitches for the first five innings. Both of his walks came in the sixth inning, after an error put a man on with one out.

Oh, yeah, there was a game on Thursday, too.  It was Oakland's minor leaguers teeing off on Hector Noesi  (if you're dying to know the damage, it was 5.0 IP, 10 R, 9 ER), so maybe it's better to just keep the focus on Savastano and Hultzen.


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SABR MattThis ump is terrible.8 min 32 sec ago
SABR Mattwell I said that before the game, Grizz...that if they couldn't win this, they shouldn't do anything worthwhile.16 min 25 sec ago
SABR MattI can't believe how Felix looks precisely identical when he's facing this cast of clowns as when he faces 1H Oakland when they were scary.17 min 6 sec ago
MtGrizzlyI'll say it: If they blow a quality Felix start tonight, they don't deserve the post season.25 min ago
DaddyOI can't believe how frequently the M's make nobody pitchers look like Cy Young.38 min 41 sec ago
SABR Matturge to maim....rising...RISING!!!42 min 37 sec ago
MtGrizzly@aaronmgoldsmith: C.J. Wilson on Paxton: "He's a giant. 97mph straight downhill. I put him in with Lester, Price and Kershaw as a lefty who can dominate."52 min 39 sec ago
SABR Mattrrrrrgh...why...why do we always stink against junkballers.58 min 18 sec ago
SABR MattWIN. JUST WIN.1 hour 44 min ago
rick82Doc, That triple axel photo & caption above is lol-dable!3 hours 1 min ago
SABR MattLeBlanc should be on of short leash/pitch count situation even though he started for most of the season in AAA. So even if he does what most "who's he???" pitchers do to us and beats us like rented mules, we should have a shot against the back end of their bullpen, because they probably won't go to their top relievers tonight.5 hours 5 min ago
SABR Mattwe just need Oakland to stay ice cold and we have a shot.5 hours 11 min ago
Gordon GrossUh oh - Cy LeBlanc is pitching. Hopefully we can get a run. Do love seeing the orcs being slaughtered by Tejas - couldn't happen to a nicer team. Just win, Ms. We can pull this thing off...5 hours 13 min ago
SABR MattNo Weaver tonight...Wade LeBlanc instead.5 hours 35 min ago
SABR MattAlso...The Rangers are once again crushing the Athletics' skulls. LOVE IT.5 hours 35 min ago
SABR MattNice of the Angels to go into play-off relaxy mode in time for the last game of this series...much appreciated. Let's get 'em and then CRUSH Houston.5 hours 37 min ago
mojicianThe Mariners can usually put up a three spot on Jared Weaver. That should do it for a Felix start.6 hours 32 min ago
MtGrizzlyLooks like the Angels are resting a number of their regulars tonight. If Felix can't beat the Angels 'B' squad, they aught to shut him down.6 hours 36 min ago
SABR MattIf we don't win tonight with King Felix on the hill...that's not going to go over well in the Mariner clubhouse. We have to have this one...the As are absolutely REELING...time to track them down.9 hours 42 min ago
DaddyOTonight's game feels like a "must win" at this point. While technically not true, you hate to count on a multiple teams ahead of you losing more games than they win while you win more games than you lose. Felix has not been at the top of his game lately, and he needs to be for this one. Then again, Paxton was at the top of HIS game last night and it still didn't matter.10 hours 52 min ago
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