Mariners Prospect News for May 25

Mariners Prospect News for May 25

If I can keep it all straight ...


Let's see if we can straighten all this out:



Jesus Sucre (Watch List) goes up from Tacoma.  He will be the backup catcher, and just that.

Carlos Triunfel (26intheMix) also goes up.  He will backup at shortstop primarily, but also second and third.  Same role as discarded Robert Andino.

Andino, after all the drama (whether real or manufactured; and whether it was what they intended all along) is Designated for Assignment.  If no one wants him, then the Mariners can keep him and assign him to the minors, although I believe at that point he could also reject the assignment and become a free agent.  I'm not sure about his status in that regard, and, frankly, don't particularly care.

And, as already well known, Jesus Montero is sent down.



Montero comes to Tacoma to play first base and DH.  Instructor Chris Woodward will be his personal first-base coach (except not a "first base coach" -- you get it).  He already played first base Friday night.

Roster-filler catcher Brandon Bantz comes up from Jackson to take Sucre's place as backup to Mike Zunino (Talk40 #1), which Montero will not be.

It has been widely reported that Brad Miller (Talk40 #6) will come up from Jackson to fill Triunfel's slot.

So they also had to clear a place for Montero to play 1b/DH, and that meant bad news for Rich Poythress (26intheMix).



Poythress returns to the site of his "Mayor-hood" -- he's spent so much time in Jackson, he's considered "The Mayor."  It's even his "Twitter handle."

Unfortunately, the move pretty much ends his chance to ever be a major leaguer barring an unusual series of injuries.  Guys in line for the majors don't get moved down to AA at this stage.

Catcher Michael Dowd moves up from High Desert to fill Bantz' catching spot.  The Generals will be in a bit of a hole behind the plate with John Hicks (Talk40 #27) on the disabled list, but the versatility of Jack Marder (Talk40 #17) can help them out there.  For the most part, however, Marder has not been catching this year.

Moreover, with Poythress replacing Miller, Marder will probably end up as the main second baseman, with Gabriel Noriega as the full-time shortstop.

And the arrival of Poythress presumably means less playing time for Steven Proscia (26intheMix).

Also ... Denny Almonte will join Jackson, but that's just the completion of the Almonte-for-Almonte switch that started when D.Almonte went on the DL at Tacoma and was replaced by Abraham Almonte (26intheMix).  D. Almonte will fight for time in the Jackson outfield, and, reportedly, will no longer be a switch-hitter.


High Desert

The Mavericks lose Dowd from their catching corps, and his slot will be filled by David Villasuso, who played a handful of games at Clinton earlier in the year before returning to Arizona.


I think that's everything!