MarinersTalk40 #6 -- Brad Miller, SS

MarinersTalk40 #6 -- Brad Miller, SS

Doubles and walks ... sort of like Olerud at shortstop?


2013 Age: 20 ... 6-foot-2, 185 ... drafted in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft out of Clemson

Cheesy catchphrase: Miller Time!

*** Stat Line:

2011 21 Clinton MIDW A SEA 14 59 53 22 4 1 0 7 1 0 4 9 .415 .458 .528 .986
2012 22 2 Teams 2 Lgs A+-AA SEA 137 643 557 186 40 7 15 68 23 7 74 105 .334 .410 .512 .922
2 Seasons       151 702 610 208 44 8 15 75 24 7 78 114 .341 .414 .513 .927
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Moving Pictures:

Mariners Prospect Brad Miller



Fun Facts to Know and Tell:

  • I had been focused on Miller being from Clemson, so I didn't realize that he and Franklin are both from the Orlando area, and their high schools are only about 20 miles away from each other.
  • Miller graduated from Olympia High School in Orlando in 2008 and Franklin from Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs in 2009.  I don't know if they ever faced each other as youth the way Ackley and Seager did, but it would seem likely.
  • There is also a Brad Miller who played in the NBA (a 7-footer), another who played in the NHL, another who was a congressman from North Carolina, and yet another who was an Australian Rules Footballer.


Bottom Line:

Three Numbers (confused? help here): Plate Skills: 118  Production: 110  Composite:  128

Am I getting on the Gordon Gross bandwagon?  Of course!  Why wouldn't I?  But actually, I forecast all my "controversial" rankings back in November: Miller over Franklin; Catricala over Romero; Ard over Kivlehan.  And I stuck with them, but this is probably the only one that Gordon will sign on to.

Besides Miller actually being groomed to play shortstop, of which we are no longer sure regarding Franklin, Miller established himself as the superior offensive option as well.  He may not have the home run power that Franklin has (left-handed Franklin, that is), but 40 doubles and 74 walks ... how can you not love that?  And, yes, it does remind me of the back of a John Olerud baseball card.  [True, his K% is not as extremely low as Ole, but you can't have everything.]

Olerud's career ISO was exactly .170, and Miller could approximate that if he hits enough doubles.  Now, there's no assurance that he will, but even if he doesn't, he'll have plenty of stick if he can play shortstop every day, and the organization seems to think he can.  They apparently loved what he did in the Cactus League (.810 OPS with 4 doubles, 2 triples and a homer), and held onto him until the last day.

Oh ... did we mention the 23 steals?  Ole only had 24 attempts in his entire career.


And finally:

Wait for a pitch that he can hit for a double ... in other words, Till I Get My Way

The Black Keys - Till I Get My Way