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Movin' on Up!

To the deluxe new


Starting, I guess, now ... all of the new content here at will be "movin' on up" to the new, improved

We'll have some new fancy technical wizardry that will make it easy to find our content -- which will be re-christened "Mariners Prospect Talk."   But it will be one-stop shopping with all of Doc's/jemanji's/Jeff's content plus extra doses of Gordon.

And there are even more things planned for down the road (so I'm told).


For now, all of the "old" content will still be here, and all of our links to the "archived" rankings and whatnot will still work.  Eventually, we'll be moving that over as well, but the admin folks will do it in a way that ought to make it user-friendly.


Thanks again to Klat and to Jeff for helping us launch this site on their platform, and for all of you for continuing to click.

Content-wise the idea is that nothing will change (except we may take the opportunity to write about stuff other than Mariners minor leaguers, and we've been given the OK for that; but it won't be at the expense of what you've come to expect).  We'll just be part of a bigger SSI instead of two separate blogs.

The plan is for the next "Game Action Recap" to be the inaugural "Prospect Talk" recap at SSI, and we'll be seeing you over there.